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Drench is a product of  heart and intuition; of taking opportunities as they come and drenching yourself in them.

I started Drench because I love the process and life style of making wine. This is no drink to be placed on a pedestal, but one to be shared with friends and family; A drink to relax, to contemplate and to carouse with.

In recent years, I have travelled to many wine regions around the world and  had the fortune to experience a wealth of styles and varieties. Now, it is my pleasure to share this experience with you through the flavors of Drench.      


-Emily Hunt


Emily’s first foray into the industry was an invitation to harvest

La Grein grapes during a summer abroad in Bozen, Italy. Upon her

return stateside, she was granted an apprenticeship with one

of Carmel Valley’s leading vintners.

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In recent years, she has soaked up wine culture & craftsmanship from Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, and most recently New Zealand.


“ traveling allows me to take the techniques I have learned trough my apprentice

ship and compare them to others used around the world. It gives me a chance to

critique them and ask more questions about why I use the ones I do rather than

doing it a different way, and what the difference in the end product would be.”

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